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  Breast Cancer Ribbon
HALO Breast Pap Smear

    The HALO breast pap smear is an inexpensive FDA approved breast cancer screening test and is provided by Boca Raton Ob/Gyn Specialists in the Boca Raton office.

    The screening is noninvasive, requires no preparation and no x-rays. It is available for most patients 26 years of age and older, but not for those pregnant or breast feeding or women who have had certain prior breast surgeries. It is performed privately with the patient in control and with the guidance of our experienced staff. Sterile cups are placed over the breasts and warm water circulates around the nipples and areolas as suction similar to a breast pump is used for 5 minutes. Approximately half of patients will have some discharge obtained which is submitted for a pap smear similar to the standard pap smear used for the cervix and vagina screening. If no discharge is elicited then the result is considered normal. If a discharge is collected and the pap smear of those cells is normal, then likewise the test result is considered normal. 95 percent of breast cancers originate from the ducts in the breasts and this test targets those cells.

    While it is not a substitute for a mammogram or breast physical examination, the HALO breast pap smear screening has been known to detect in some patients breast cancer up to eight years before a mammogram, breast ultrasound, or thermography. The test may also serve to identify women at high risk for breast cancer, leading to closer surveillance or further testing with breast imaging studies such as an MRI. Since approximately one in seven women develop breast cancer during their lifetime, and since seven out of eight of those patients had no family history of breast cancer, this test should be considered for women as a screening even if thought to be at low risk.