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As you approach your 50s, the depletion of female hormones and organ changes can manifest themselves in physical and emotional symptoms that may include hot flashes, anxiety, and depression.
Menopause is a natural stage in a woman's life. But even a natural stage can be fraught with discomfort and confusion.
That's why we will be with you every step of the way with emotional and medical support. We will sit down and explain your hormonal shifts to make sure you understand the changes going on within your body. The onset of menopause is often the time to think about preventing osteoporosis, heart disease, breast cancer, and other disorders.
The doctors of Boca Raton Ob/Gyn Specialists can help you with prevention, detection, and treatment.
MonaLisa Touch
When estrogen levels decline after menopause, many changes occur. Millions of women experience symptoms such as vaginal dryness, itching, burning or painful intercourse. This new procedure is life changing. MonaLisa Information